What is Imagery by Sound?

To explain I have to bring up shemusic and some thoughts about the she hiatus.

she music is a weird combination of sounds and genres but could be put in two general sounds. One being the electro house/chiptune sound and the other being the more ambient acoustic and experimental one.

Imagery by Sound is basically she split in half.
It is the ambient/acoustic electro experimental part of shemusic.

I think the way I release music on she, sometimes song by song, sometimes in different genre and on different ongoing albums is just too different from the conventional ways of releasing music that people are used to.

Releasing very different sounds and genres but with similar designs worked alright for a while, but every time I released something, half of the she fanbase didnt care for it.
Me releasing an electro house album didnt exactly please the ambient crowd although there are people who like both, but you never knew.

With Nights album being so different, I didnt feel she was the right platform to release it on.

Therefore, I decided to create a new outlet, a band if you will called Imagery by Sound.
Imagery by Sound has the sounds of Insomnia, Days, Digital Ambient Designs from shemusic.

One day musicians will be like painters, with each painting being different styles of music and the framework being the "band", an outlet for the artists themselves.
Removing all the barriers for what an artist is "expected" to do and create.

That day, music will truly be set free and expand into something more interesting.
These were my hopes with shemusic, unfortunately that day has yet to come.

In short,
Imagery by Sound is the band.
Nights is the album that is going to be released on Imagery by Sound.

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